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Private bitch & snark community.

At the moment we're not accepting new members (unless you're cool. And by cool, I mean awesome. And by awesome I mean a friend of one of us. It doesn't really matter which one. Even then we may not let you in. We're elitists that way).

So.. suck it. This is our Anger Management community.
If you are not you can WATCH but we probably won't let you in. We love you. BUT this is for regular bitchings, not every now and then being ranty or pissy.
(you also have to have a sense of humor. Ok, not so much a sense as an instinct. ♥ Chase)

This is a no-holds-barred, bitching, whining, complaining etc. community. We don't care if you like what we have to say. We're not holding it in anymore. We're gonna be mean, we're gonna be angry, we're not gonna give a shit.

If you actually get in (which may be a possibility, depending on who you are) the same is expected from you. Don't hold back. Don't be afraid to really say what you feel (unless it goes against the Lj TOS which would be bad.) If you want, change names and stuff to protect the (not so) innocent.

Just remember the gloves are off in this community. We say what we want because we can. And because it's healthy to get this shit off your chest.

a few rules, for the few, the proud, the snarkilicious (aka here, you twit.)
1 - your posting rights can be revoked at any time, though they won't be unless you seriously piss either sphinxcat or eighty off. Or if we just don't like you.
(And we really don't like a lot of people. ♥jilly)
(Seriously. ♥Chase)

2 - Don't try to be nice when you're writing. Even if you're the sweetest person on earth, you still have some venom on occasion. Don't be afraid to let that out. Hell, we demand venom!
ADDENDUM: Refer to #1. Piss us off we will fucking pwn you. ♥jilly
ADDENDUM #2: We have no problem making fun of you. Even to your mom. ♥Chase

3 - no trolling. Ever. If a link is posted, read it, and click that little x in the corner of your screen (if you're using FireFox. Which you should be. You can use tabs! It's nifty!) and make it go away. Really. If you troll, you're banned.
ADDENDUM: If you smell like a troll, you are banned. ♥jilly
ADDENDUM #2: Or look like a troll. Don't forget that. ♥Chase

4 - Try not to use people's full names (or real names, even) if you're bitching about them. Chances are, they'll find out. Who knows, they may find out even if you call them Steve Fuckindicker or something. (no offence to mr. Fuckindicker, who might I say is wearing a lovely shirt tonight!)

5 - an opinion is never wrong. It can't be. It's subjective. BUT, that doesn't mean we won't tear ya a new one if we disagree. It's kinda a big part of why we created this community. That, and the fact that we were left alone in a chatroom, and we can't be trusted to our own devices. No really. We can't.
ADDENDUM: The only wrong opinions are the ones that oppose mine ♥jilly
ADDENDUM #2: or mine, dammit! ♥Chase

6 - all non-maintainer posts (haha we're elitist) are screened. It's not because of "OMGURCENCORINGMEEEE!!!!11111!!!!!11eventyone!!!1!" but.. well.. I don't know why they're screened, dammit. They just are. OK?

7 - Don't get all squishy lovey dove in this place, unless of course it's to be all squishy lovey-dovey to either sphinxcat or eighty Because that's totally cool with us. We love to be adored. (just keep it to the comments. We don't want to make everyone else all jealous!)
ADDENDUM: give us presents, bitches. ♥jilly
ADDENDUM #2: oh, and umm.. kittens. And I'd like a rat, too. ♥Chase

8 - there are more rules. I'm sure of it. Just break one, and we'll tell ya.

9 - see? told you there were more rules! ha! I win at teh intarwebz! err...
you can feel free to try and join this group. Of course, we can feel free to mock those who apply and don't have a chance in hell to join. We probably won't, but if we do, don't worry, we'll Flock the post so as not to embarass you. Or we may not. It all depends on what mood we're in.

10 - if you're name is one of the following, we love you and want to have brazilians of your netbabies:
sphinxcat's list:
Joaquin Phoenix
Jake Gyllenhaal
Will Friedle
Jason Marsden
Serge!! (but only as-a-friend netbabiez)
J. Scott Campbell
FEENY (tagteam)
Johnny Depp
Dave Navarro
Alan Rickman
Giovani Ribisi
Ty Pennington
Jason Lee
Billy Boyd
Peter Steele

sphinxcatAlso has a sick fetish for the Burger King. Apparently assexual plastic men covered in hamburger grease really super size her happy meal wink wink.♥jilly

..feh. I might as well admit to that one. I like to call him Kingy. He's shuper shweet. ♥Chase

eighty's list:
Trent Reznor
Will Friedle
Gary Oldman
Trent Reznor
Trent Reznor
FEENY (tagteam)
John Cusack
Alan Rickman

eighty also LOVES The Quaker Oats Guy. She told me. Uh huh. She's all about fat old men and their oatmeal fetishes. all naked, rolling around in oats.. glistening in the noon day sun... ♥Chase

Ok, so now I'm just writing crap to fill up this page. Hey, you're reading it, you're just as pathetic. Don't you judge me!!!

mostly written by sphinxcat, but shall be added to and/or ammended by eighty whenever the fuck she wants to. or not. Maybe we'll change it every few days, depending on who gets to it first.

FYI - this community has nothing at all to do with Boy Meets World. We're just huge fans of the show. Obsessively huge. Talking about writing slashfic featuring an awesome 3 some of Shawn, Eric and Mr Turner. *swooms* but this isn't about BMW. It's about being grawr angry. grawr.

OK.. if you were rejected, here's why:
1 - you're not angry enough. Ok.. that's a little broad. Let me explain. There's a reason we only let certain people in. You have to be able to rant. Really rant. If we say, look at your lj, and we just don't see it, or if we know you from a community and we haven't seen you get mad at, well, anything.. you probably wouldn't fit in here.

2 - We have no idea who you are.

3 - You have a FO lj and we have no idea how ranty you can get. If you still want in, friend one of us and let us know that you want to join. Let us see what kind of ranter you are, ok?

--This list can and will be changed at a moment's notice. One of us has slight ADD (undiagnosed, but it's obvious) and likes to type stuff alot... ooh.. look shiny stuff.. puppies!---

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