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Recently as I was walking around my college campus, I came across a… - Bitch bitch bitch [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jan. 24th, 2006|12:54 am]
mr feeny's house of snark
Recently as I was walking around my college campus, I came across a flyer displaying a particular fact that, I'm quite sure, everyone's probably familiar with: most college professors happen to be Democrat rather than Republican. The flyer mentioned that apparently the Democratic professors outnumbered Republican professors 8 to 1.

Now, I won't argue this is wrong. No, what angered me was the fact the flyer called such a "crime" and that "something had to be done about it." It's almost as though I could hear several blood vessels within my head bursting simultaneously from the pure stupidity of such a claim. Of course there aren't many Republicans as teachers, but is there a need to force a policy to fulfill a fucking quota for them, of all things? Maybe the fact most professors are Democrat isn't because of some "liberal bias," but just the fact that many teachers, especially those in colleges, happen to be politically liberal.

Really, the day when the same people who often argue against affirmitive action happen to use it to their advantage will be one of great irony.

Truthfully, if the "liberal bias" thing happens to be true, I'd prefer it over any sort of "conservative bias." I'd like to think that, when you go to college, your preconceptions will be shattered. I think it's more than natural for youths to be rebellous. Of course, the argument from Rush "Dittohead" Limbaugh would probably be that that's the problem with colleges: they're brainwashing them into being little hellions (which, more or less, means they actually would dare to doubt the Republican party)!

A conservative bias would only turn youths into a bunch of vapid conformists. Instead of people thinking we can make the world a better place by, I don't know, helping the poor, they'll be taught they're meant to be mocked and ridiculed accordingly - it's their fault for not having jobs, not the economy! Oh, and crime: that's just a genetic trait carried on by minorities - whitey don't do such,'yo!

Seriously though, why would replacing one bias be an improvement over another? The whole idea that things are being taught in a bias fashion almost frightens me. Why can't a subject be taught objectively? It can be done so with any subject, but apparently some things are a no-no to one side of the political spectrum or the other. It almost comes to the point on splitting hairs on small details as to how a particular subject is brought up in a class room. Nevermind the teacher isn't using it as a mouthpiece, it's the fact she's teaching the subject in a certain way. "Yes, you can bring up that poverty is bad, but you can't say it has to do with the economy." Well, geez, I'd think to enlighten one of their subject of study, you'd have to give them all the dirty little details. Of course, apparently those dirty little details might lead to baby-killing witches that drink blood, so who knows?!

I know I'm rambling, so I'll conclude all this: if you're going to argue what so fucking wrong with education in this country, especially in colleges, you should argue about the lack of funding and qualified teachers many of them get. Going into whether one subject is more politically correct to one party or the other is just detracted us from the real issues and there's no one to blame but the assholes who bring 'em up. They want to turn education into a clash of ideology when it should be about enlightening youths and helping them find themselves.

[User Picture]From: onebenihana
2006-01-24 10:53 pm (UTC)
Political Correctness is incorrect to me on both sides of the political compass in my opinion. I hate when I hear about it in the news
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From: nick_thesaint
2006-01-25 12:51 am (UTC)
It is incredibly silly of an idea, and it happens to also be conscientious ignorance, which bothers me even more.
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